A day at the farmers market

This past Saturday, I spent the morning at the Tomball Farmers Market.  There among the booths filled with root vegetables, greens, and organic pasteurized eggs, I set up a table to display my newly completed Brantley Classic and some exotic wood pens.  While most of the customers browsing the vendor booths assumed I was some guy just trying to sell one of his unwanted guitars, there were a few who took a close look and noticed that this guitar wasn’t a resale or even a shameless knockoff.  They asked questions regarding my choice of wood, the finish, and the bridge.  I asked one customer if he played the guitar and his response was, “I play a little.”  He then reached into his wallet and selected a pick, from several he had there, before sitting down to test drive the guitar!  Who carries five picks in their wallet and says they play a little?

The farmer’s market, though humble in origin, truly allows producers to connect directly with their consumers.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day at the market and the ability to bring the fruits of my labor directly to customers.  I look forward to the next two weekends at the market in Tomball, where I will set up my booth for the duration of the fall season.  If you’re in the Houston area, stop by and introduce yourself.  Give me the opportunity to show you my products.  If you’re not in the mood for a guitar or a pen, I hear the peppers and okra are really good.