Bourbon lacquer finishing stage update

Bourbon lacquer finishing update

Brantley Guitars - Sanding sealer coat of the lacquer finishing process on the spruce top of the Bourbon.

First sanding sealer coat of the lacquer finishing process brings out the beauty of the spruce top.

In time for the passing of a cool front that brought wispy clouds and dry weather, I completed construction and finish sanding the body of the Bourbon.  This marks the beginning of the lacquer finishing process of sealing the wood, sanding to smooth any stray fibers that expanded from contact with the lacquer, filling the pores to create a glass smooth finish, color coats, clear coats, and buffing.  In total, I’ll apply over a dozen coats of lacquer to the body, in order to build up enough to buff to a high gloss after curing.  The binding will also receive lacquer coats, so I’ll need to pay special attention to the color coats that are applied to the sides and back of the body to ensure a crisp contrast with the binding.

Buyer’s Guide update

I also completed the next installment of my buyer’s guide, Part V: The Bridge and Tailpiece.  Over time, I hope to complete the buyer’s guide to help anyone buy a guitar, whether from me, a guitar dealer, or from a pawn shop, with confidence and the ability to find a guitar that will complement their playing.  I’ll also begin to add video supplements on my YouTube page to accompany each section.

Roar.  A new body style.

Brantley Guitars - Brantley Roar body.

Brantley Roar outline scribed on a swamp ash body blank.

Since construction on the Bourbon is complete and now in the finishing timeline, I began construction of a new guitar.  The Brantley Roar is a double cutaway solid body that shares the same 25.5″ scale neck as the Classic.  This swamp ash body is heavy, so it should sustain very well and provide a solid anchor for the hardware and electronics.  This guitar will be a surprise gift for a special occasion, so in addition to a new body style, I’ll also try a new finish style.  I’ll reveal more about that once construction is complete.

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