Bourbon Update – Applying the Binding

Brantley Guitars - Cream binding applied to the edge of the spruce top of the Bourbon.

Cream binding around the spruce top on a Brantley Bourbon.

Due to a lot of unexpected problems outside the shop, I haven’t been able to post the progress that I wanted to make on the Bourbon.  Now that everything is settling out and we have some good, hot weather in Texas, it’s time to get this guitar finished.  My buddy Chris wants to jam and I need to get him this incredible guitar.

Everything about this guitar is unique for me and I want to make sure that it’s not only complete, but up to the standards that I put into every Brantley Guitar.   This guitar has steam-bent sides with a semi-acoustic body, f-holes for resonance, thick neck heel for comfort on high notes, unique diamond inlays, and a Bigsby vibrato.

Here’s a quick photo update from the last update on the binding. This cream binding won’t have tinted lacquer applied, so it will protect the corners and provide a classic contrast to the body of the guitar.  As you can see, the spruce top has an incredible grain pattern, so I plan to tint the top black, so the grain still shows through.  The sides and back will be solid black and the binding will define those areas.

Next step for the top is the cavities for two humbucking pickups to give the guitar some good growl (I know Chris wants power), then it will be ready for sanding and lacquer.

The neck has a unique deep-set heel, so I’ve been working on a new fixture to carve it properly.  I should have some pictures of the neck carving and inlay details in the next week.  Check back soon for more progress!