I’m Dreaming of a Guitar Christmas

What do I mean by a guitar Christmas?

Brantley Guitars - Spraying lacquer is part of my guitar Christmas routine

Spraying lacquer is part of my guitar Christmas routine.

Since I spend most of my spare time working on guitars, I’m dreaming of a guitar Christmas.  At this time of year, between shopping and getting the decorations out of the attic, I’m usually pushing to get a guitar done in time for Christmas.  I typically find a reason to drop by my local guitar store for a quick set of strings or picks, enjoy chatting with them about the holiday sales, and take a look at the special guitars they bring in for the rush.  I also enjoy Christmas music and naturally, enjoy the recent surge of guitar-based Christmas music that’s available.  Lately, I’ve been listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra a lot, but I’m loading up some Brian Setzer and Twisted Sister Christmas albums on my phone as I write this.

I’m desperately trying to finish two guitars by Christmas.  The Bourbon has a lacquer finish and this has been a terrible year for spraying lacquer in Houston.  High humidity will cause a “blush” in the finish, so I’m at the mercy of the weather.  While waiting for 4 more days of good weather to spray all the coats, I’m working on a new body style and will probably try a new finish to get around my dependency on low humidity.  So, while I’m in the shop, I’m stressed at what nature has given me for weather, but I have my holiday music playing and get to enjoy my guitar Christmas.

What do you listen to during the Christmas season?  Are there any good guitar Christmas albums that I’m missing out on?