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Buyers Guide Part I: Your Music and Playing Style - Brantley Guitars

Part I: Your Music and Playing Style

This one is short, just to get you thinking about how you’ll use your new guitar.  What general type of guitar will best serve you when you’re playing your music?  How will you play that music?  Here is where you get a firm grasp on your music and playing style.

Your Music

Do you strive to be the next country superstar or a metal shredder?  While certain models of guitars are typically used for certain styles of music, I don’t want you to feel confined by these “stereotypes”.  At this point, think in general terms, “Do I want to capture the sound of my guitar with microphones or pickups?”  Notice, that I did not specify “electric or acoustic”, because using a solidbody with a piezo bridge can estimate an acoustic guitar and an acoustic guitar can be equipped with a pickup.  Keep this high-level.

Your Playing Style

I’m not referring to barre chords or fingerpicking.  Rather, what is your entire body doing while you’re playing the guitar?  Are you jumping off speaker cabinets, running around a stage, standing in front of a microphone, or sitting on a stool?  Again, in high-level terms, how will the size, shape and weight of your guitar affect your ability to convey the message that is your music.

Lastly, here is where you open your mind to create your dream guitar.  For the course of this guide, clear your mind of the preconceived notion you have for the guitar that you want.  Make some notes of your conclusions here, ask any questions in our forum, and check the next installment for a discussion of the area of the guitar where you make the most impact – The Fingerboard.

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